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Hi, I'm Derek!
I've been professionally solving problems for around ten years now. As an individual who's aquired his skills with drive and purpose, I'm passionate about technology, and how it can be used to help improve peoples lives.

While I have the most experience in the front-end realm, I find most of the recent innovations in the field uninteresting at best and just a waste of time at worst. Over the last three years my main focus has been on the back-end and system administration, where things are a bit more stable. My favorite language is Python, and i really enjoy coding in Django. Additionally, I'm interested in learning embeded systems..

I am actively looking for work building custom web apps with Django and Django CMS, but I'm really not picky about technology if the project is right!


System Administration

Perception is strong and sight weak. In strategy it is important to see distant things as if they were close and to take a distanced view of close things.

Miyamoto Musashi in A Book of Five Rings

Profesional Timeline

  • Let the fun begin!

    I jumped head first into web development. My initial plan was to take advantage of some programming skills I picked up in Highschool, and make a little money to pay for my philosphy degree. One contract lead to another, and BOOM i'm a professional programmer.

    I learned to code in a trial-by-fire type situation. Confident in my ability to learn, adapt and execute I was able to take on contracts far outside of my comfort zone and deliver satisfactory results. A motocross fantasy league, paid image delivery service and various brochure sites was how I cut my teeth in the contracting world. These were built with PHP and MySQL.

  • Internship @

    Coding on a team is much different from flying solo. Adhering to my bosses standards, learning how to write readable code and what it meant to be a team player were some of the most important things I learned at Kisok Information Systems.
    My responsibilities included Database Design, API and reporting. This may not sound like typical "internship" responsibilities. They aren't; I earned the confidence of my superiors quickly and effectuated the change for much of the reporting system.

  • Azimuth 360 - Co Owner and UI Director

    I left my internship to work with a small group of personal friends. I did not hesitate to leave the comfort of the biggest weekly paycheck i've ever recieved. As soon as it become even reomotely viable for me to venture out on my own, I did.
    Initially Azimuth 360 focused on eCommerce.

    At this time there were no established frameworks that did waht we wanted with eCommerce. While I was the UI lead for this team, I used my experience with php and mysql to help advise our backend coder. We managed to piece together an impressive API framework.

  • - Senior UI Dev

    After several years of grinding out contract work, I needed a steady paycheck. I was unsatisfied with my professional and personal life. After, quite randomly, recieving an offer to be relocated to Austin TX I jumped on this.

    My initial role was to simply be a front-end dude. Being realtively young, ambitious and audacious I quickly carved out an entire UI department. This was achieved in approximately 3 months after being hired. During the next 9 months I helped oversee;
    * A complete website overhaul
    * A internal support chat tool.
    * Up to 8 individual Front-End Developers.

  • Web Developer @

    Authentic8 is still, to this day, the highest concentration of talent I've ever had the pleasure to learn from. I was hired for my front-end expertise and entreprenurial attitude towards programming. I quickly ended up wearing many hats at Authentic8. I learned my favorite framework to-date, Django, and even got a chance to code some browser extensions.

    My final project at Authentic8 was overseeing the log reporting tool. I was able to reduce load times drastically and take advantage of both front and back end skills. This is the environment where I became a "full-stack" developer. I am thankful for this opportunity to work with such wonderful and talented people.

  • Adair Software

    I've had my hand in making software for other people. I've never, until this point, made an effort to build the things I was passionate or found useful. I'd never been the cruise director.

    The past three years since moving on from Authentic8 I have mostly worked with myself, however, there have been a few efforts with a select few to collaborate on software. Many prototypes have been built, no real wild successes. My github is litered with various projects I have started or contributed to. Some of the interesting things I have built are;
    * An amazon S3 backed image archival service
    * A website scraping tool. Import an entire website, assets and all with a single python script/command.
    * Extensive design and prototype for a dynamic website personalizing service.
    * This website is actually a fully functional app. I am working out how I may offer this as a service as well, but for now you can just drop me a line if you are interested.

  • Adair Software SELLS OUT

    After three years of trying to build various startups, I've come back to the contracting world to lick my wounds and save up funds for the next push of self-funded software development.

    So if you or anyone you know needs custom software, I'm the dev for you.

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