I'm Derek, a professional web developer. I'm passionate about sharing the knowledge I've aquired in the last twenty+ years I've been coding. I've lost track count of how many languages I've written code in.

Derek Adair
  • 2015 -


    Owner @ Adair Software

    I’ve been contracting in various sectors (IT/hosting/generic consulting) as well as founding several startups that never made it off the ground. These were mostly limited to the eCommerce space and the sports/entertainment industry.

    nPrima - 2015 (Python/Docker)

    In this startup I helped design and implement an experimental advertising platform that was aimed at audience segmentation and content management. We developed a simple tracking pixel, a web scraper and distributed state machine.

    NFL Code - 2017 (Python/Django)

    In 2018 I took on a small NFL related app and was unsure how to access real-time data from the nfl. I found Andrew Galant’s NFL code. It was unmaintained so I ended up forking it and am now the one driving the project.

    Ozo Coffee, Co - 2018 (IT + Wordpress)

    I was hired as their interim director of IT. I went a bit out of my comfort zone here but it was really fun. Ozo is the busiest coffee shop in Colorado. It was here that I;

    • Migrated from an outdated Point of Sales system to Square
    • Fixed order workflow/systemic issues
    • Implemented coffee subscriptions
    • Implemented internal company server (Django Rest / React+Redux)

    In 2019 I embarked on a startup in the music streaming services. My goal is to help musicians monetize their content. Currently, its bare bones and essentially a bare bones SoundCloud clone. I have some pretty neat features up my sleeve that I am excited to work on in 2020.

  • 2014 -


    Google University

    After Authentic8 dissolved their remote offices, I was sent back to the drawing board. I had a goal at this point to learn 100% of the skills needed to design and build web applications. I doubled down and learned django/python.

    At this point I had realized how crucial app configuration was. I dove into the linux command line full force. Learned vim/tmux and the basics of system administration. VMs where next on the list. For about 3-4 months I was diving into vagrant, packer and hashicorp. It was at this point that I was recommended Docker and I have never looked back!

    It was at this time that I finally ackwoledged the importance of tests.

  • 2012 -


    Web Developer @ Authentic8

    In 2012 I was recruited by a small startup out of San Fransisco with the team that built postini. A step down in title to work with industry leading programmers was worth it. I have never been such a small fish in a big pond.

    Initially I was hired as a JavaScript developer. Here I built several components with ExtJS that are still in use to this day in the administrative panel. Due to demand I was moved to work on a django and python reporting app. This is where my obsession with python began.

  • 2011 -


    Lead UI Developer @ Hostgator

    I embarked on an opportunity to develop front-end code for HostGator, a fortune 500 company. I relocated to Austin, Texas. Within 3 months I had a team of developers under me and had been promoted to Senior UI/UX developer. I was in charge of;

    • editing and maintaining the website’s front-end. (over 3.5 million unique visitors at the time).
    • Developing interenal support User Interfaces (chat mainly).
    • Managed a team of 5 developers
  • 2009 -


    Co-Founder @ Azimuth 360

    After some time I had started taking on some more serious side projects with a small group of developers. My main colleague, Steven Zurek was one of my friends I used to code with in middle school. After teaching him PHP and being quickly surpassed… I had fallen into the front-end position and began to sharpen my javascript/css skills. This was a year before jQuery so it was a shit-show (Manual xhr and all). During this time I had discovered Douglas Crockford and his wonderful (and still relevant) lectures on JavaScript.

    We took on some very interesting projects. Beyond the bread-n-butter e-commerce gigs we built;

    • An api framework w/ matching UI components
    • An impound lot inventory managagement system
    • A fitness app (calory counting, etc)
  • 2008 -


    Jr. Developer @ Kiosk

    I applied to Kiosk Information Systems where I worked directly under my first and favorite boss; William Malone. I had experience in PHP/MySQL/HTML, but, I didn’t have any clue how little I knew until I worked with William. William taught me the art of debugging and laid the foundations for my career. This was a “Full-stack” role before that term existed. From query optimization, to making pretty buttons; I touched every aspect of their reporting platform.