Derek Adair

Web Developer and Engineer

I am a programmer with experience in all aspects of web application development, specializing in User Interface and User Experience. I am well adjusted to adapt to changing requirements and able to prototype cross platform compliant applications rapidly with modern user interface development techniques. I have experience in process analysis, efficiency consulting, and requirement gathering. My passion is to deliver minimalist interfaces that get users to their goal in the most direct means possible.

Web Application Development

I make the buttons work

A lot of people don't really understand what it is I do, which isn't a problem, because a major part of my job involves communicating with the non-tech savvy folk. I'm basically a middle man; I enable you to communicate to that smelly guy who you pay, but never actually see because he's nocturnal. I can understand the latest tech jargon and recognize when someone can do nothing but speak it.

Adaptive Requirements Gathering

Ensuring the right work gets done

Continuous and unyielding communication is how I achieve accurate execution of deliverables. Using some pretty awesome tools, I'm able to relay the state of a project at a glance and change directions on a whim.

With proper planning, changing requirements are not an issue. All you have to do is ask and I will figure out how to make it happen.

Elegant Code

Yes, I can do that

I may not have a nice framed piece of paper that many Developers hide behind; but while others were spending time in academia, I was on the front lines playing with the latest and greatest technologies. I beleive my time was well spent.

The code I devleop is versatile and maintainable. With a minor amount of training, any junior programmer could be brought up to speed on how to modify and extend the applications I construct.