The Future of this Web Log: Code, Music, Mayhem!

wtf am I even doing Programming is just not that interesting to me at this point in my life; It’s become nothing more than a way for me to make money. I’ve begun writing and recording music, so maybe this space will be more of a platform for that. I’ve also been setting up a music/comedy stream! It could be interesting to use this website to share my progres. WHO KNOWS!

There will be code tutorials, but aimed at the leyman musician and streamers. I’ve found my knowledge of software has been a great boon in exploring these creative outlets.


Recently I killed my postgres database and gave up on Shmusic (a single tear was shed by me and me alone). I failed to evolve the proof of concept to be more than a low-rent soundcloud clone. The technology behind it could still be re-used in an interesting way. Personally, I’d rather throw myself down a well then wrestle with JavaScript; so i’ll likely be scrapping the UI… however… the API can be leveraged in novel ways. Basically it amounts to a mp3 converter that spits out amazon s3 links.

My basic notion right now is to leverage Jekyll somehow to give myself and other musicians a collaboration hub that will double as their personal website. Yes, I am THAT sick of the toxic-trash-heap that is the JavaScript build ecosystem in 2020… STATIC UI OR BUST. We’ll see, its probably a horrible idea… and thats why its code, music and MAYHEM!!!