A helluva year

bebe It’s been over a year since I’ve posted regularly. Last year I lost my mother to pancreatic cancer and then my wife gave birth to my first child. It wasn’t an ordinairy birth; her water broke a month early… on my birthday. Due to the complications of having a premature baby and a wife with severe preeclampsia. It was simultaneously the best and worst year of my life. My mothers passing was tragic and quite traumatic. My daughters birth was equally traumatic. The magic of having her in my life, named after my dear mother, has balanced 2020 in the positive.

Why no posts?

I’ve not been coding or really doing much of anything substantial to share on this platform. My wife’s career is very important to her so we agreed I would stay home and take care of our little daughter. I’ve maintained a very short client list and been enjoying my time off with my wonderful bundle of joy. Beyond that, I have some music I’d like to share that I’ve written over the past year, but I’m a bit gunshy on that – mostly for legal reasons. I want to make sure when I release it I have the proper copyright and licensing in place.

What’s next?

  • Building some software (part time)
  • Bringing back more frequent posts (weekly/bi-weekly… i’m undecided)

What Software

Whelp. I’m very adament about not publishing any pictures of my daughter publically on the interent. When she’s ready to make that decision on her own she can do that herself. I decided to take this idea and i’m building my own “Anti-Social network” with very specific features;

  1. Privacy - Invite only, No downloads, no friends list.
  2. Not a public forum or social network - Only the owner(s) can view the comments. No likes. No view trackers. No friends lists. I dont really want my conservative uncle debating my communist friend on what Fascism means.
  3. Simple media feed - Basically, I’m sick of texting all my family and friends pictures of my daughter. I’ll send them an invite and they can get notifications (or not) and come view the pictures as they like.
Isn’t that like $randomWebsite?

Probably… but I dont really care. This will be a perfect project to keep my skills sharp. Who knows, maybe this will gain some traction!

What kinda posts??

Next week I’d like to share how I run my tests automatically on file change with docker, entr, silversurfer and pytest.

Other than that I plan to just share something every week. It may just be a short post about gardening, a song I’ve finished or just some random coding advice or techniques. CODE! MUSIC! MAYHEM!!