• 2015 -


    Owner @ Adair Software

    In general, I’ve been contracting in various sectors (IT/hosting/generic consulting) as well as founding several startups that never made it off the ground. These were mostly limited to the eCommerce space and the sports/entertainment industry. In addition to this I have been offering up my system admin/devops skills to a select group of customers.

    Consulting - 2023 Web Design & Development

    My current venture involves a one-stop-shop offering for new businesses. It’s invaluable to have one point of contact for all things related to their website; and I offer this at extremely competitive rates. With over 15 years of professional web design and development experience I am capable of handling every element of a website.

    Consulting - 2020 Code Auditing As a Service

    In 2020 I began offering a generic auditing service. Using my plethora of software engineer skills I offer two distinct services;

    1. A top down view of the entire codebase. All things are considered including test coverage, dependency risk assessments, documentation auditing. This can be done without any client interviews and are typically done in 15-20 hours of work.
    2. A detailed and opnionated analysis of the code. Code conventions, build instructions, ease of modication are all major concerns. This process requires extensive interviews with the product owner at a minimum; developer and user interviews may be needed as well. 2019 (Django Rest / React+Redux)

    In 2019 I embarked on a startup in the music streaming services. My goal is to help musicians monetize their content. Currently, its bare bones and essentially a minimal SoundCloud clone. This is shelved for the moment due to a lack of adaption and free time for me to iterate. The code will be sitting in my vault to bring out at an appropriate time. None of this is public but this was my first iteration of my django-rest-redux boostrap.

    Ozo Coffee, Co - 2018 (IT + Wordpress)

    I was hired as the director of IT. I went a bit out of my comfort zone here but it was really fun. Ozo is the busiest coffee shop in Colorado. It was here that I;

    • Migrated from an outdated Point of Sales system to Square
    • Fixed order workflow/systemic issues
    • Implemented coffee subscriptions
    • Implemented internal company server
    • Provided generic support (read as: fixed printers, etc)

    NFL Code - 2016 (Python/Django)

    In 2016 I took on a small NFL related app and was unsure how to access real-time data from the nfl. I found Andrew Galant’s NFL code. It was unmaintained so I ended up forking it and drove the efforts to migrate the codebase to python3 as well as make it more efficient in terms of how many/often calls were made to Due to circumstances beyond my control, it became too risky (in terms of opportunity cost) to invest any more time into this project. It currently works for historic data and is currently on github and pip (via nflgame-redux).

    nPrima - 2015 (Python/Docker)

    In this startup I helped design and implement an experimental advertising platform that was aimed at audience segmentation and content management. We developed a simple tracking pixel, a web scraper and distributed state machine. Several of the projects are still viewable on github. Of particular use is the asynchronous web crawler that I have used in several other projects to scrape data, including nflgame.

  • 2014 -


    Google University

    After Authentic8 dissolved their remote offices, I was sent back to the drawing board. I had a goal at this point to learn 100% of the skills needed to design and build web applications. I doubled down and learned django/python.

    At this point I had realized how crucial app configuration was. I dove into the linux command line full force. Learned vim/tmux and the basics of system administration. VMs where next on the list. For about 3-4 months I was diving into vagrant, packer and hashicorp. It was at this point that I was recommended Docker and I have never looked back!

    It was at this time that I finally ackwoledged the importance of tests.

  • 2012 -


    Web Developer @ Authentic8

    In 2012 I was recruited by a small startup out of San Fransisco with the team that built postini. A step down in title to work with industry leading programmers was worth it. I have never been such a small fish in a big pond.

    Initially I was hired as a JavaScript developer. Here I built several components with ExtJS that are still in use to this day in the administrative panel. Due to demand I was moved to work on a django and python reporting app. This is where my obsession with python began.

  • 2011 -


    Lead UI Developer @ Hostgator

    I embarked on an opportunity to develop front-end code for HostGator, a fortune 500 company. I relocated to Austin, Texas. Within 3 months I had a team of developers under me and had been promoted to Senior UI/UX developer. I was in charge of;

    • editing and maintaining the website’s front-end. (over 3.5 million unique visitors at the time).
    • Developing interenal support User Interfaces (chat mainly).
    • Managed a team of 5 developers
  • 2009 -


    Co-Founder @ Azimuth 360

    After some time I had started taking on some more serious side projects with a small group of developers. My main colleague, Steven Zurek was one of my friends I used to code with in middle school. After teaching him PHP and being quickly surpassed… I had fallen into the front-end position and began to sharpen my javascript/css skills. This was a year before jQuery so it was a shit-show (Manual xhr and all). During this time I had discovered Douglas Crockford and his wonderful (and still relevant) lectures on JavaScript.

    We took on some very interesting projects. Beyond the bread-n-butter e-commerce gigs we built;

    • An api framework w/ matching UI components
    • An impound lot inventory managagement system
    • A fitness app (calory counting, etc)
  • 2008 -


    Jr. Developer @ Kiosk

    I applied to Kiosk Information Systems where I worked directly under my first and favorite boss; William Malone. I had experience in PHP/MySQL/HTML, but, I didn’t have any clue how little I knew until I worked with William. William taught me the art of debugging and laid the foundations for my career. This was a “Full-stack” role before that term existed. From query optimization, to making pretty buttons; I touched every aspect of their reporting platform.